nicegrrly (nicegrrly) wrote,

new goals.. short term

1. Nannny again
2. Move randomly and get a shitty job
3. be a bartender or waitress
4. dont rely on parents
5. be comfortable in my own skin
6. not limit myself
7. if something else comes along, dont be scared to try it... with or without matt
8. TRAVEL!!!
9. dont work jobs where i hate both of them.. get one i love and one i work for the money..
10. find out what will fill my empty spot,,, deep down
11. stop being sooo bipolar..
12. write more!!!
13. seek new friends.. not losing old ones.. but seeking inspiration
14. stay positive
15. stop talking about all the shit thats bad.. think n talk about whats amazing
16. be on time.. stop going in late.. ur losing money..
17. eat healthier..
18. i have alll the time in the world.. work out!!! something anything...
19. stop being fat, being a fattie is fine.. but getting fat isnt
20. take care of urself from the inside out... dont forget either though!
21. remember who is important.. the people who will be there thru no matter what
22. spend far more time with gma and great gma!
23. settle into the apt, make it cozy!!!
24. wake up... get back on a good sleep schedule..
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