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survey deal

Type your cut contents here.
Ten things you say every day:
1. say what!?
2. i'll talk ya.. (click). *im rude whats it to ya*
3. i know, right..
4. bitter bitch
5. its whatev
6. I'm exhausted!
7. I love you too
8. I feel like BUTT!
9. This diet might be the death of me
10. Did I tell u... *HUGE LONG STORY*
11. for the love..
12. so get this...
**** GAW I sound dumb!****

Nine things you wear every day:
1. nose stud
2. my rings.. go purity.. HA
3. ADD personaliy
4. Hairtie on my wrist
5. a smile :D
7. earings *gotta love the pearls*
9. my heart on my sleeve :D hah
10. toe nail polish

Eight movies you'd watch over and over:
1. A walk to remember
2. the ringer
3. sweet november
4. chaos--- brit n kev
Im realy not much of a Movie kinda girl.. and repeated watching.. its the ADD

Seven cds that matter:
1. Jack Johnson
2. John Mayer
4. my mixed CDs that keep ending up in my room.. roomies maybe?
5. gavin degraw
6. james blunt

Six objects you touch every day:
1. computer/keyboard
2. pen
4. cell
5. car seat
6. bed/blanket
7. LoLa- My puppy n not like that! u pervs!

Five things you do every day:
1. make up
2. eat
3. talk to myself
4. talk on the phone, i dont think a day has gone by that i havent talked to 100 people a day
5. write

No four...?

Three favorite songs at the moment:
1. any AKON song
2. my chemical romances' new one
3. james blunt songs

Two things you could spend the rest of your life with:
1. my cell phone
2. My friends

One person who has influenced you most:
1. my mother
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