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boys... new years... my boy.. ahhh

sooo 10 min b4 work is done... where to start so Matt has been staying with me since Christmas Eve, its SOOOOOO great to see him again... he was a bad kid.. and was away for awhile. OK so im ALMOST 21.. Jan 21.. gooo me.. matts 21- june20th. HA. Younger guy i know.. who does that. Not me usually. SO im madly head over heels for him... hook line and sinker.. like the past week has been sooooo amazing. I cant even begin to describe it. Just dorky.. no holding back, etc. its been amazing. I just really wish i knew as to what he wants to do after all these court dates are done..etc. It was sooo cute, he HATES when i drink. he was sipping on some ron last night, and refused to give me some. I think hes still hoping for that baby. *rolls her eyes* I dont even know where to start.. i want soooo much out of life and hes in a root.. i just hate to move on and then always wonder what could have been.. ahhh love is a scary thing. It was sooo cute tho last night. hes like baby... I really do love you 2. Like i had said it first or something. HA. yah like a week ago. Nice work buddy... hes lucky i have self esteem, and hella high for that matter. it was cute tho, hes like im not very emotional, which i know. hes him... its who he is, but hes getting soo much better. Well kinda.. I feel like im out weighing the bads for the goods. GR.
And sex is taking its toll.. we are insane.. its official HA!!!! best ever.. by far!

OK enough boy talk...
********************** new years party at my house....whats good drinks? i want jungle juice personally.... something good. anything really.. any ideas... games.. i wanna be super dorky *shrugs* HELP ME!!!!! ************
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