nicegrrly (nicegrrly) wrote,

recap of last night....

I think there might be a policy about having a badass hangover/ still drunk as hell... (at work mind u). and last time i checked that wasnt unwriten, it was fully enforced. OMG im sooo tired. Lets just say i woke up smashed against my bedroom wall..  droool all over.. and tonie next to me.. *twin bed* how do u like that for a visual. HA!

So lets just say that bacardi melon... sailor jerry.. and some giggly ass weed.. isnt always the best choice when you work at 7am!
AND MEETING your bf's mom. Tonie and i were nutty as hell... Nick.. my cuz brought over some for me. Tonie didnt even get paranoid, except for me yelling OMG its bad hash.. there is this one spot *grabbin her throat* that i cant seem to get wet... *gags* we are officially freaks! Omgaww... i was RUNNING laps around my kitchen/living room.. spraying room spray cuz my roomies a hater.. HA.. then again who likes drunks, esp when ur sober. I needed water soooo bad So id take a BIG swig and then LAUGH and drown myself! and spit at people. OMG it felt like a dream, hot boxing my bathroom. I remember running thru the kitchen and being like omg theres mail... and thinkin OMG how did it get there... where did it come from.. and dlippin out. Tore up some bill... still have No what it was. UND something. and got christmas pics from Lauren and Leslie.. AWW! and I got this Hinder CD, oddly enough, I kept going you guys i found this cd.. and its playing in my room now.. i thought it was magic i think. this weed was unreal i was nuts as hell.. i was outside smoking.. wrapped in a blanket. I talked to Matt, he was like BABE YOU CANAT BE OUTSIDE!!! Its cold! U gotta go inside!He was sooo worried.. it was soo cute. I remember Tonie and i lying on the front stairs, just chillaxing.. and then I began to believe matt.. what if we got locked out... it was kinda cold.. OMG then i yelled... THE SWAT TEAM.. i hear em.. the DEA.. get inside.. tonie thru the cigarette.. and then i run  back out for it.. even tho i freaked everyone out.. and myself. im still out tryin to get this stupid cigarette.. mind u i dont even smoke.  i feel like ABSOLUTE HELL!!! i called Matt.. alot... drunk dialing.. i gotta stop that! talked to him.. then some dude came on the phone.. i thru it to tonie.. she flipped at him.. and she kept calling back. it was sooo weird like a dream almost. oh gawd. I think i honestly would rather smoke then drink i HATE hangovers! 


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